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It’s not often that you can get out of a speeding ticket, but there are some solid ways to reduce the cost. I know because I’ve been fighting them for years now. Some people think it’s pointless, but they’re wrong. The more time and effort you put into fighting your ticket, the better your chances of getting off scot-free. You don’t need to become an expert or anything, just follow these five simple steps and I promise you’ll be happy with the result!

-The first step is always to read everything on the ticket and make sure you understand it. If there’s anything that seems ambiguous or confusing, ask for clarification before moving forward. One speeding ticket I got, in particular, was written incorrectly because they didn’t know how fast I was going when the officer ran my license plate number during a traffic stop (he actually wrote down “no plates” which isn’t illegal). They had no idea what speed they were accusing me of speeding at so we ended up getting thrown out completely!

The next steps are: – Make sure your court date is actually accurate and most importantly, don’t forget it! Many people I know have made the mistake of not showing up to court and getting their speeding tickets thrown out. If you don’t show up, you’ll get a warrant for your arrest which is super inconvenient when they find you later on down the line.

– The best way to fight speeding tickets in most cases is with radar/lidar detectors or laser jammers. These devices are legal in all 50 states but can come at a pretty steep price if purchased new online (some popular models go for thousands of dollars). I recommend checking Craigslist first because there are usually some people looking to sell them quickly which will save both parties time and money!

– Speaking of saving time, it may be worth mentioning that hiring an attorney isn’t always necessary depending on the speeding ticket. The biggest reason for hiring a lawyer is because you can’t show up to court and it automatically defaults back in your favor (basically, they give you an automatic win). Most speeding tickets are nothing more than paying a fine so if that’s all that’s at stake then there really isn’t much of a point!

– Lastly, I recommend asking for leniency from whoever pulls you over. This could be as simple as being polite or maybe just saying something like “I’m late for work” which may convince them not to write the speeding ticket down on their report sheet. It won’t always work but why risk getting stuck with another speeding charge?

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