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Vehicle Registration

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The steps to register a vehicle with the DMV can vary from state to state, but the general process is mostly the same. Please select your state below for specific details about vehicle registration forms, fees and documentation requirements.

Visit our DMV Office Finder to locate your nearest DMV location.

Vehicle Registration Overview

Know More About Registration And Titles In Your State

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How to Register a Vehicle with the DMV

For specific instructions on how to register your vehicle, please visit our Vehicle Registration page and select your state. You’ll also find information about vehicle registration fees, and how to replace a lost or damaged vehicle registration sticker.

You may also locate your nearest DMV location and get assistance from local DMV Service Providers. Be sure to show proof of Car Insurance and have a Smog Certificate ready to present to the DMV.

Renewing Vehicle Registration

What you’ll need to bring with you can differ a bit from state to state. You’ll normally need to show your vehicle title (or lien certificate), as well as Proof of Car Insurance, and additional documentation to prove your identity at your nearest DMV office location. Depending on your state, you may also be responsible for showing other paperwork, like an Emissions Check at an Inspection Station, Odometer Disclosure Statement and a Bill of Sale.

For specific details about renewing your registration, please visit our Registration Renewal page.

Visit DMVGO’s DMV Forms Directory to locate your required DMV forms (if available online).

Registering an Out-of-State Vehicle?

Registering an out-of-state vehicle is slightly more complicated than your normal registration process.

For information on registering an out-of-state vehicle in your new state of residence, please select your state above to find specific details about how to proceed on the appropriate Car Registration page.

You may need to obtain a driver’s license from your new state, as well as Car Insurance from an insurance provider in your new state before you register your vehicle.

Additional fees and taxes may also be required.

You may also find your nearest DMV location and visit our DMV Forms Directory.

Change Your Address

Please visit our Address Change page for more information on how to change the address on your vehicle registration documents. When you arrive on that page, you’ll find specific forms and locate your nearest DMV office.

DMV Office Finder

Please visit our DMV Office Finder to find your nearest DMV office location.

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